Dreams Come True In Our House

2022 National Tour

This Spring after Dr. June finishes her books, she will travel the country to share through presentations in various cities what is coming. You can invite your family and friends in each state. Come and allow Dr. June to pray for you and your family. Receive that “Mama June” hug. Sign up below if you would like Dr. June to come to your city. If you can host her and secure a place for her to do a speaking engagement, then sign up below:



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Dr. June Knight will be traveling the country beginning April 22, 2022

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Dreams Come True in Our House

Books to equip the Bride to finish her mission in the Earth.

– Dr. June Knight

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We will meet once a month on a Zoom call beginning in June 2022. Learn more here – https://www.watb.tv/events/2022-treehouse-writers-club/2022-03-14

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