Will My Tree Count?

Your Tree is Important!



Many people believe their story is not important enough to put into a book. Allow us to provide another point of view. Every human on Earth has a destiny meant to be fulfilled. Everyone has a story. Listen to the story of two oak trees standing tall beside each other:

Big Fluffy Oak (Jimmy)

Skinny Naked Oak (John)

Jimmy: Hey John, look how big beautiful and fluffy I am!  Everyone likes looking at me! I’m important!  Everything turned out perfect for me even though we grew up in the same environment! I’m better than you so my book will look better than yours! I’m definitely more popular than you!

John:  Yes Jimmy, I did not choose to be born in a world where the storms ripped my bark off and caused me to be missing limbs and bark and not as pretty as you. I did not choose to be born looking like this. But you know what Jimmy, I’m a big oak like you are! Just because we look different and have different stories does not mean my story is less than yours. So, yes, I will publish my book even though my bark is different than your bark!

Jimmy: (Head hung low) OK John, please forgive me for thinking my bark is better than your bark. We will both make great books. Your story IS as important as my story John. What do you think your story will be John?

John:  I forgive you Jimmy. I hope my story will be about surviving storms and being a strong mighty tree! What about you?

Jimmy:  Well, I hope my story is about turning into a big ship and floating in the ocean providing comfort to millions of people on vacation. Either way, I’m sure we will be great books John.

The sun shines on both trees.