Begins as a Seed..

From a Seed to a Full-Blown Tree


Began As A Seed

Before a book is born, it begins as a seed, or a thought. As the vision grows, it develops into a full-grown tree. How that tree is presented to the world is where our company’s strengths are. We can assist your  vision come to pass.

Full Grown Tree

As the tree gets pruned and clipped to discover it’s full potential, it grows into a mighty tree. Our company desires to take your tree and develop it into a living vision. All of our visions is different colors, different bark, etc., but we all have a vision, dream or story that needs to be told.

Don’t Let Your Vision Die

Just as a tree needs water and nourishing, so does your vision. It needs many ways to express itself in order to be effective.

Be Creative With Your Vision

Let’s create your vision/story in a unique, engaging manner. Our company capitalizes on social media. Engage your friends, co-workers, and partners in your tree. Expand your borders and branch out to full success!

In Christian Terms:

When God download’s the passion to write a back, it’s usually a revelation from Heaven. He wants you to impart that download from the Tree of Life to the Earthly trees (books). Did you know there are millions of books in Heaven? Maybe more! So…don’t let your destiny pass you by!