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Dedication of Clarion Call to UNITY in the Bride of Christ Book to the Late Prophetess Toni Nicholson

Dr. June Dawn Knight Honors

The Late Prophetess Toni Nicholson

For her Contribution to the Bride

In Her Sermon

“Torn Between Two Lovers”


When Prophetess Toni gave this message on WATB Radio, I knew how powerful and anointed this sermon meant to the Bride! Then, when I found out she passed a few months later…I knew this message was sent from Heaven above for the last generation Bride! God sent her to warn the Bride! Her life was beautiful! She’s a very compassionate woman who has a story to tell! I’m attaching her interview here! God bless you Nicholson family! They gave permission to honor Ms. Nicholson! We will see you soon Prophetess and THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE BRIDE!

<~~~Dr. June Dawn Knight

Please Listen to Her Sermon Here:

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