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Fruit of the Spirit Series



The Fruit of the Spirit

Love – Strawberries

Strawberries are red like the blood of Jesus that cleanses us. They are sweet like salvation on our lips.

Joy – Pineapple

Pineapple is the symbol of hospitality.  A pineapple is like a house with many doors. All the different sections that make up a pineapple is like how God wants us to open our doors of hospitality towards others.

Peace – Watermelon

Eating a piece of watermelon reminds us of the peace that God wants us to receive. Often when we eat watermelon on a nice hot summer day, it brings peace in our hearts with the sweet taste.

Patience – Lemon

A lemon is a symbol of patience.  You have to eat it slowly because of its sour taste.  Patience is trusting God to move even when life throws us a sour lemon. We wait patiently on the Lord.

Kindness – Grapes

Grapes are on a vine and it reminds us of Jesus. He is the vine for us and we must be kind to others even when they don’t deserve it. This is how Jesus did as He died on the cross.

Goodness – Bananas

Bananas remind us of God because they hang on a tree and are encased in a beautiful coat and just waiting for its master to pull back the layers.

That’s how we are with God, we wait as He pulls back the layers to our heart to reveal the sweetness.

Faithfulness – Cherries

Cherries grow on a stem together and represent double blessing. When you are faithful to God, His reward to you will be double for your trouble. He is faithful.

Gentleness – Peach

Just as the peach bruises if you’re not gentle, so is other people’s spirits.

Self-Control – Apple

We relate Adam and Eve as eating the apple in the Garden of Eden.   They did not have self-control.

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